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What's New

2015.4.1 We have a new member, a technical assistant, Senri Hirabaru.
2014.9.10 Held a Symposium at The 78th Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association, Kyoto (Yamagishi).
Title:Telling the past, the present and future of your mind and body from your brain -understanding personality and applying to education, sports, and rehabilitation-
2014.5.8 Talk was given at CiNet Tea Talk (Maekawa)
2014.4.11 Talk was given at CiNet Friday Luncheon Seminar (Yamagishi).
Title : The observant mind: self-awareness of attentional status
2014.4.1 We have a new member, a post-doctoral reserch fellow, Toru Maekawa from Tokyo Institute of Techonology.
2014.2.24 Talk was given at Consortium for Applied Neuroscience, Tokyo (Yamagishi)
2014.1.24 Two Talks were given at Vision Society of Japan, Tokyo (de Brecht, Yamagishi)
2013.11.28-29 Poster presented at NICT open house 2013, Tokyo.
2013.10.29 Talk was given at the 67th Brush-up School, Osaka University. (Yamagishi)