National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

NICT invites applicants for Expert Researcher (limited-term researcher and short-time researcher).

Classification of Expert Researcher
Job Title Working hours per week Explanation
Expert Researcher (limited-term) Full time or more than 29hours Employees who have PhD or equal experience and engage in research work. (Those who are to get PhD by the hire date can also apply.)
Expert Researcher (short-time) Less than 29 hours

Flow of Recruitment
  1. Acceptance of application documents
  2. Documentary screening
  3. Interview (only with successful applicants of documentary screening)
  4. Proposal of job offer and working conditions
  5. Agreement to the working conditions
  6. Assumption of the post
*Please note that NICT does not bear any expenses incurred for the interview.

Judging System
Documentary screening and interview

Monthly salary system is applied to employees who work more than 4days a week, and daily or hourly wage system is applied to others.
The amount of salary shall be determined by considering each employee's experience and task involved.
*Dependent allowance, Commuting Allowance, Residence Allowance .
(In the case of employees who work more than 4days a week and fulfill the requirements for payment)

Period of employment
From hire date to March 31, 2012
The scheduled date of recruitment is as of September 1, 2011.
As a general rule,applicants should start to work on September 1, 2011.

Vacation Leave
Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, and year-end and New-year holiday and designated day by NICT

  • Expert Researcher(limited-term)working full time can use flexible time system
  • Able to work in staggered hours(7 hours 45 minutes working per day)
  • Annual paid holiday system(Stipulated in limited-term employmee rules)

Necessary documents(A4, free form) *Resume(CV) should be prepared in a prescribed form
  • Resume (PDF file) (WORD file)
  • Research proposal for the subject
  • Reference letter(s)(Written within six months,only original accepted . Address to President of National Institute Information and Communications Technology. In addition, reference letters should be written by persons NOT involved in NICT)
Please send the application documents in the mail(post) with subject number and
the date and month of the recruitment announcement(ex: 2011.April announcement.) on the envelope in red ink.
Application submission by e-mail is NOT available. In addition,own research proposal regardless of the subject and /or personal skill can not be accepted.

Deadline of Application
<R-6,7,8,9,12,88>Due NLT June 23, 2011
<R-5,13,87>Due NLT June 30, 2011

Contact Address
Person in charge : Yazawa
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Personnel Affairs Office, Personnel Affairs Group, General Affairs Department
4-2-1 Nukui-kita, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795, Japan
FAX 042-327-7590

Treatment of Personal Information
Your application documents will be treated appropriately and used only for the purpose of recruitment.

List of Open Positions (Click the subject NO. and check the detailed information)
  • Expert Researcher(limited-term)
    Subject NO. Department/Group Theme Title
    R-6 Wireless Network Research Institute Dependable Wireless Laboratory R&D on Dependable Multi-node Autonomous/Distributed Mobile Network Technology and its Application/Standardaization
    R-7 Universal Communication Research Institute Planning Office Theory and practice of science and technology communication
    R-8 Universal Communication Research Institute Information?Analysis Laboratory? Research on Advanced Language Processing for Chinese and Japanese
    R-9 Advanced ICT Research Institute Quantum ICT Laboratory Research on experimental quantum signal processing with quantum optical means
    R-12 Advanced ICT Research Institute Bio ICT Laboratory Development of Molecular Information Sensing Technologies by Utilizaing the Fission Yeast
    R-88 Universal Communication Research Institute Reseach and development on service cloud system for content distribution platform
    R-5 Photonic Network Research Institute Network Architecture Laboratory Research and development of optical packet and circuit integrated network system
    R-13 Applied Electromagnetic Research Institute Space Weather and Environment Informatics Laboratory Studies of ionosphere and atmosphere using large-scale observation and simulation data
    R-87 Universal Communication Research Institute Spoken Language Communication Laboratory Multi-lingual speech recognition and speech synthesis and translation and information retrieval from image data in real environment for universal communication
  • Expert Researcher(short-time)
    Subject NO. Department/Group Theme Title