Past R&D and Demonstrations

Laser Transmission

1970s- Studies on horizontal propagation of lasers on the ground
1984 Transmission experiments between the ground and a satellite using a vidicon camera aboard ETS-III
1985 The world's first experiment of 0.5 μm wavelength laser transmission to GMS
1988 Carbon dioxide laser (wavelength:10.6 μm) transmission experiments
1994 -
The world's first success in optical communications between ground stations and a satellite using the basic laser communication experimental equipment (LCE)
1989 -
Observation of geodetic satellites (GMS,LAGEOS) using satellite laser ranging systems, and ADEOS (RIS) observation by carbon dioxide laser radar
2001 Success in H-IIA test flight laser ranging equipment (LRE) and rainging ADEOS2
2004 GOLEM (Ground-to-Orbit Laser transmission Experiments with MicroLabSat)
2006 OICETS("Kirari") Satellite-to-ground-station optical communications experiments