l  22th June. 2010

Detect first fringe of DBBC between Kashima 11m antenna (DBBC of ADS3000+)

and Koganei 11m (Video converter with K5/VSSP32 sampler)


l  25th May. 2010

The 16ch DBBC (DBBC: digital baseband converter) is totally completed!!

It is consistent 1Gsps sample.

Next, we will try to use the DBBC for geodetic VLBI soon!



fig. X-band with Phase cal signal @ 64MHz sampling in DBBC



l  20th May. 2010

1Gsps X 4ch mode is OK.



fig. X-band 512MHz bandwidth detected by 1Gsps mode.

512 phase cal signals are shown in this figure.


l  20th May. 2010

Built Web page of ADS3000+