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Installing Device Driver and Applications for the K5/VSI and the GICO3

Standard Installation (using rpm packages)

Downloading the newest RPM packages from download page and installing these packages using rpm command. Sometimes, you should append options such as "--force" and "--nomd5" as follows.

Standard setup for the device driver of the VSI2000DIM board

-- Keeping the Buffer Memory for VSI2000DIM --

Because, the device driver of the VSI2000-DIM board needs a private memory area for buffering algorithm, you should keep this area before booting the kernel. Most easy way to keep the private memory area is appending the "mem=xxxM" option in the kernel booting parameter. The memory area from 0x00000000 to 0x3c800000 are used for the kernel and from 0x40000000 to the end of memory are used for buffer of the VSI2000DIM board. In this case, you should edit /etc/grub.conf file as follow:

-- Auto loading device driver into kernel --

Appending the "mknod" and "insmod" command in the /etc/rc.local to loading device driver automatically. Some setup parameters of the insmod command can be chosen as follows depending on the memory size: After editing /etc/grub.conf and /etc/rc.local, rebooting the kernel so that all setup parameter are valid and device driver are loaded in the kernel. If device driver loaded normally, you can see some massages in the /var/log/messages.

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