"k5tom5" converts K5VSSP or K5/VSSP32 format data to Mark5 format data.


k5tom5 jjj|yyyymmdd|yyyyddd k5name1 [k5name2 k5name3 k5name4 [m5name]] [options]
k5tom5 -i [-]info_file|make -v vexfile [options]
k5tom5 --version|--help
k5tom5 env


observation date in three ways as follows
jjj:lower 3digits of MJD
yyyymmdd: 4 digit year, 2 digit month, 2 digit day of month
yyyyddd: 4 digit year, 3 digit day of year
k5name1 K5 file name for CH01-04 or CH01
k5name2 K5 file name for CH05-08 or CH02
k5name3 K5 file name for CH09-12 or CH03
k5name4 K5 file name for CH13-16 or CH04
if K5 file names after the second are not accompanied by directory name, the directory of 1st K5 file is adopted for these files
m5file Mark-5 data file name to be created
--version show program version
--help show how to execute
env show environmental variables used in this program
-i info_file set infomation file that contains
track vs channel table
bit_position vs channel table
group# vs channel table
(default "k5tom5info.txt")
"-i -info_file" means create infomation file named info_file
"-i make" means create default information file
-o m5file set Mark5 file name to be created
-d m5dir set directory for Mark5B file out (default: K5 directory)
-s soffset set offset time from data head (sec) (default: 0)
-p period set data period to convert (sec) (default: all)
-vlba set frame format to VLBA mode (default Mark4 mode)
-long set 64 bit(track) mode (default 32bit mode)
-v vex_file VEX file name to be read when "information file creation mode" is set
-sid stat_id station ID when "information file creation mode" is set
-scan scan# scan# for MODE get when "information file creation mode" is set (default : 1)
-short set Mark5 file scan period to the shotest period of K5 files (default is the longest period. Dummy (all 0) data are filled.
-monit run condition monitor ON
-nocheck to ignore header error for 2nd and later headers (1st header is checked to obtain sampling information)


M5DIR default directory for Mark5 data
M5VEX default directory for Mark5 VEX file

Updated on March 9, 2017