"speana_n" displays spectrum of sampling data dynamically (dedicated to K5/VSSP format) (supporting PGPLOT only)


speana_n k5name [options]

k5name sampling data file name with K5/VSSP format
-m[ode] mode set axis mode or autocorrelation mode
0 : amplitude log, frequency log
1 : amplitude log, frequency linear (dfault)
10 : amplitude linear, frequency log
11 : amplitude linear, frequency linear
-1 : plot auto correlation function
-N : plot auto correlation function (central N points)
-a[verage] sekibun set averaging period (sec) (default is 0.01)
-t[span] sekibun same as "-a sekibun" option
-i[ntegration] sekibun same as "-a sekibun" option
-f1[khz] f1khz set display frequency range (lower boundary) (kHz) (default is 0.0)
-f2[khz] f2khz set display frequency range (upper boundary) (kHz) (default is video frequency)
-min[dbm] mindbm display amplitude minimum (dBm) (default auto)
-max[dbm] maxdbm display amplitude maximum (dBm) (default auto)
-h[alt] stop display by a sweep (default is continuous display)
-s[msec] sleep_msec suspend time (msec) between plots in case of continuous display (default is 0)
--version show program version
--help show how to execute

PGDISP default PGPLOT display device

Updated on March 9, 2017