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3rd e-VLBI Workshop
October 6-7, 2004
Makuhari, Japan


The workshop was held with 67 participants from 13 countries. More pictures are available here.

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Objectives     The 1st e-VLBI workshop was held at MIT Haystack Observatory in April 2002. The purpose of the workshop was to promote global real-time and near-real-time VLBI observations using the high speed network infrastructure, and it made a great success. Following the success, the 2nd e-VLBI workshop was held at Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE) in May 2003 and enormous progress was seen both in the network infrastructure and the e-VLBI observations and processing systems. The 3rd e-VLBI workshop is expected to present an ideal opportunity to further enhance and accelerate the e-VLBI research and developments, again.

Topics to be discussed will include:

The information about the 1st and 2nd e-VLBI workshop can be found at the following URLs.

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Sponsors     The workshop is hosted by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). The institute was established on 1 April, 2004 by integrating two organizations, Communications Research Laboratory and Telecommunications Advancement Organization. The workshop is also be held under the auspices of the following organizations.

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Venue     The workshop will be held at Prince Hall (2nd floor, Section 1 and 2) of the Makuhari Prince Hotel. The hotel is conveniently located between New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) and downtown Tokyo. A huge convention and exhibition facility (Makuhari Messe) is located adjacent to the hotel and a large exhibition (CEATEC Japan 2004) will be held there covering the workshop dates. It might be a good idea to have an extra day before or after the workshop to have a look. The exhibition will be free of charge if registration is made before the exhibition. Online registration to the CEATEC Japan 2004 is available at https://service.ceatecjapan.net/en/.


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After the e-VLBI workshop, the 11th Directing Board Meeting of the IVS (International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry) will be held at the same place on 8 October, 2004. The room is located on the first floor of the Prince Hall.

The IVS WG3 VLBI2010 Subgroup Chair Meeting will be held from 9:00 AM on October 5. 'Bridal Salon' located on the first floor of the Prince Hall will be used for the meeting. If we feel the room is too small and we find a better place, we may choose to move the other place. In case you can not find the meeting place, please call 070-5554-1536.

A technical excursion to Kashima Space Research Center of NICT will be conducted on 8 October, 2004. The center is a site for 34-m and 11-m radio telescopes. The participants will be able to see these stations as well as the other activities at the Kashima Space Research Center. Lunch ticket (~500 yen) will be sold at the registration desk during the workshop.

A half-day meeting of the Asia-Pacific Telescope (APT) will be held at Kashima Space Research Center in the afternoon of October 8. All participants to the APT meeting are requested to participate in the excursion. Participants who will attend the APT meeting will need to skip the short sightseeing tour (Kashima Shrine and Kashima Soccer Stadium) in the afternoon. If the APT meeting finishes before the excursion bus leaves Kashima, all participants can go back to the Makuhari Prince Hotel by the bus. Otherwise, we will need to ask these APT meeting participants to use another bus bound for Tokyo with a fee (1780 yen) and then use JR train to Makuhari. Phil Edwards will lead the group to the hotel. It was determined to change the date and the place for the APT meeting. The APT meeting will be held during the lunchtime of the workshop on October 7. The exact place will be announced during the workshop. For further information about the APT meeting, please contact Phil Edwards.


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Call for Papers     The paper submission has been closed.

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Proceedings     The proceedings of the workshop will be published as a special issue of the IVS NICT Technical Development Center News. All contributions submitted before 1 November, 2004 will be considered for publication. In case if the manuscript is not ready before this due date, and you want to submit a paper, please send an e-mail to koyama(AT)nict.go.jp with the information when the manuscript will become ready for submittion.

There is no restrictions for the length of the paper. Please use the same LaTeX style file for the IVS General Meeting 2004. Instructions about how to prepare the manuscripts and necessary files are available from http://ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov/meetings/gm2004/proc-instructions.html

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Registration     On line registration page is closed.

Previously, we announced that the registration fee is required, but we determined to make the registration free. Only the banquet ticket will be sold at the registration desk during the workshop. Unfortunately, LOC can not accept credit cards or other currencies. ATM machines are available close to the Makuhari Prince Hotel, instead.

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Presentation     Length of the oral presentations are either 20 minutes or 30 minutes including a time for discussions, comments and questions. Please leave 5 minutes for these purposes. One LCD projector for PC presentation and one OHP projector for transparencies are available. Since there is only one screen, please use one of these. It will be possible to switch the projectors during the presentation. Usual D-sub 15-pin cable will be available for the PC presentation. The maximum resolution of the LCD projector is XGA (1024x768 dots).

The size of the poster boards is 87cm (width) by 174cm (height). Push pins and adhesive tapes will be prepared by the LOC. Posters can be displayed from 9:00 on October 6 until 17:00 on October 7.

The final workshop program and abstracts are aveilable form the following links. The program contains links to the presentation materials.

We will webcast the 3rd e-VLBI Workshop!
The Live Webcast of the 3rd e-VLBI Workshop is from 10:00 JST (01:00 UT) on October 6 and from 9:00 JST (00:00 UT) on October 7. The live webcast is presented by generous supports from Nihon University and Nittsuki Company.

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How to watch the live webcast.
To watch the Live Webcat, plug-in player to watch the video on your PC is necessary. You can use the following 3 kinds of players for this program.

get quicktime get realplayer get Windows Media Player
Quick Time Player Real Player Windows Media Player

Click the link above to select the player you want. Those players have free version.

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Accommodation     A block reservation has been made at Makuhari Prince Hotel but the number of available rooms is quite tight due to the fact that the CEATEC exhibition will be held at the same time. In case the number of available rooms is not sufficient, LOC may ask Japanese participants to stay at other hotels nearby. At this moment, it seems we do not need to ask foreign participants to stay at other hotels, but we may need to ask some people to change their rooms during the stay. We will try our best to avoid this to happen, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in case we need to ask. Please check the current arrangements of the accommodations in the list bellow.

If there are any mistakes, changes, or questions, please send an e-mail message to LOC. The room charge of the hotel will be 10500 Yen (single occupancy) and 8500 yen (triple occupancy) for one night and one person including service charges. Tax (525 yen and 425 yen, respectively) is not included in the price and will be added for each staying night. Breakfast is also not included in the price. If you wish to arrange your accommodation by yourself, this page will be helpful to find the hotels nearby.

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Transport     Please see the instruction provided by the hotel. Frequent bus services are available from Narita Airport (New Tokyo International Airport) and Haneda Airport. The bus will probably be the most convenient way to go to the hotel from the airports and back to the airports from the hotel. The fare is 1100 yen (Narita) and 1120 yen (Haneda) for each direction. Please print the following time table and bring it handy with you.

If you wish to use trains, JR (Japan Rail) is available and is a little cheaper (950yen). But you will have to change trains at least twice at Chiba station and at Soga station. Kaihin-Makuhari station is the closest station to the Makuhari Prince Hotel. It will take about 5 minutes from the station to the hotel on foot. You can use Makuhari-Hongo station instead of the Kaihin-Makuhari station. From the Makuhari-Hongo station, there are local bus services connecting the station and Makuhari Prince Hotel. To get to the Makuhari-Hongo station, please use rapid trains from Narita Airport to Tokyo and change to local trains at Inage station. The fare is 820 yen for the JR and 240 yen for the local bus. Please be advised not to use these methods unless you are confident with the route. Airport busses will be the most convenient.

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Program Committee    

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Local Organizing Committee    

Please send questions and requests to the LOC mailing address.

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