Contribution of the Japanese technology for the International Earth Rotation Service

Akira Sugiura

Committee on Space-Time Measurement Project

Great progress has been made in the science and space geodesy during the past decade. In these circumstances the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS) started its activities in precise observations of the Earth rotation. This work requires a variety of advanced technology, such as Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR), Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) and Global Positioning System (GPS). These sophisticated observation systems have greatly changed our views of the nature of Earth so far. For further extending our scientific knowledge, it is believed essential to develop and improve the technology of observation systems . Therefore, the IERS designated our laboratory (CRL) and Haystack Observatory (in USA) as the VLBI Technical Development Centers (TDC) in October 1990. It is a great pleasure for us to contribute to the IERS in the technical fields as well as in the experimental ones. We will make every possible effort to improve the relating technology in cooperation with other laboratories in Japan.

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Establishment of VLBI Technlcal Development Center

Technical Development Center (hereafter TDC) will work The TDC not only develop new observation system, but also make efforts to apply the products to enhance the knowledge of human being through R&D experiments and exchanging scientists.

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Location of the TDC in IERS is shown in Fig.1. In Japan, three Centers are working for IERS, which are VLBI observation center (NAO), analysis center (NAO) and TDC. TDC is organized by the Director General of Communications Research Laboratory. And it is managed under the Space-Time Measurement Project Committee. The President of the Committee is Director of the Standards and Measurement Division, who designate the members of the Comittee. Moreover, Director General requests the special members from the other institutes. The Committee is to be advised concerning the plan of Technical Development by the special member.

Figure 1. IERS Organization.

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TDC chooses the development themes for the future IERS activities. And technical development plan is made in the TDC meeting. Selected theme is studied both in CRL and at other relating study groups. And technical information is exchanged with the other TDC (Haystack Obs.) for the international cooperation.

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