GSI's New Correlation Processing System

Yoshihiro Fukuzaki (fukuzaki(AT)

Geographical Survey Institute
Kitasato-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305, Japan

The Geographical Survey Institute (GSI) introduced a new correlator system. It has an ability to calculate 3 station 3 baseline data at the same time. Correlator unit is made by Cosmo Research Corp. The software which controls the each unit is made by Kety Corp. Ltd. These has been developed as KSP correlator in Communication Research Laboratory (CRL). Bandwidth Synthesis software and software making database developed by CRL are installed in the GSI correlation system. As a result, the GSI's system is almost same as the CRL's one. In addition, we are using SOLVE which is produced by NASA/GSFC as a baseline analysis software. At present, we are analyzing observation data after 1993. The results will be used as reference points of new Japanese Geodetic Datum which will be published by 2000.

The GSI has a plan to re-construct the domestic VLBI network and have 5 permanent VLBI sites. The permanent sites will be used for regular observation. The new correlation system will analyze the observation data which are recorded in the permanent sites.

Figure 1. System control workstation and it's terminals.

Figure 2. A part of workstation (left) and correlators in racks (right).

Figure 3. Three auto-tape changers equipped with K-4 recorders.

Figure 4. Whole correlation system.

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