Astrometry of Fundamental Catalogues
-- The Evolution from Optical to Radio Reference Frames

H. G. Walter and O. J. Sovers

The authors are associated with Astronomisches Recheninstitut, University of Heidelberg, Germany and Remote Sensing Analysis Systems/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, U.S.A., respectively. The book defines the concepts of fundamental reference frames and catalogues, and traces the history of conventional astronomical reference frames from the FK catalogues to Hipparcos and the ICRF. It is intended for researchers and advanced students having some training in astronomy, and should serve as a guide to current astrometric reference systems that find application in astronomy, geodesy and geodynamics. Establishment of the International Celestial Reference System and its optical extension via Hipparcos is treated in detail.

Chapter 1: Fundamental Catalogues
Chapter 2: The Conventional Fundamental Catalogue FK5
Chapter 3: Contributions of Space Astrometry to Fundamental Catalogues
Chapter 4: Astrometry with Radio Interferometers
Chapter 5: Fundamental Catalogues of Extragalactic Radio Sources
Chapter 6: The International Celestial Reference Frame
Chapter 7: Hipparcos Tie with Conventional Celestial Reference Frames
Chapter 8: Future Prospects

This book is part of the Springer Verlag Astronomy and Astrophysics Library, and should be published in late summer 2000. Information will be available at http://www.springer.de/phys/books/aal.


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