Status Report of System Development

by S. HAMA

1. K-4 Correlator

We decided to use the K-4 correlator not only for R&D experiments but for a routine processing in some degree. It makes use of a custom LSI for the center part. It can be a base of a correlator for IRIS-P. So its specifications are as follows;

ch & Speed 16Mbps x 16ch
Lag (/16ch) 256 (not considered maser observations)
Type XF
2bit-sampled data OK
Milli second pulsar OK
dg/dt 96 us/s (good for Earth-Moon)
Fringe Rate 2.5MHz (ditto)

2. New K-4 Input Interface

The prototype model, which is to be added on a present input interface, is about to be completed. The whole set of a new K-4 input interface is completed at the end of 1993 FY. The particular version for VSOP (space VLBI), which doesn't make use of MkIII type time label, will be rather different from the original new K-4 version.

An effort is being made to achieve an IRM for 32MHz band-width.

3. New Phase/Delay Calibrator

A new type phase/delay calibrator of better stability is under trying.

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