4. Technical Reports

4.1 Key Stone Project

Current Status of Project (Noriyuki Kurihara)

VLBI stations
Development of VLBI stations dedicated to the KSP including a new building started in FY1993. The observation system consists of three parts, i.e., (1) data acquisitions (2) system monitoring, and (3) remote controlling. Current timetable of development of each KSP station is as follows.
                 Timeable of Each Station's Development
              KOGANEI           KASHIMA            MIURA            TATEYAMA 
    year      Center            Sub-Center     
              Data acquisition  Data acquisition 
 Mar., 1995  
              System            System            Data
                 monitoring        monitoring       acquisition 
              Concentrated                       (System
                 controlling                        monitoring?) 
 July, 1995
  1996                          Concentrated      System          Data
                                  controlling        monitoring    acquisition 

Data processing and analysis system
VLBI data are processed and analyzed routinly at Koganei Central station. New correlator dedicated to the KSP is under development. So is software for data processing and analysis. Presently tests combining both hardware and software are going on. We will enter the routine operation phase of the correlator in FY1995.

Test observations on the Koganei-Kashima baseline
We carry out test observations on this baseline to check the whole performance of the KSP VLBI system. First fringes were succesfully detected on July 25, 1994. The first full 24-hour experiment was carried out on August 29, 1994. Daily observations, whose main purpose is system performance check, have been carried out since January, 1995.

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