4. Technical Reports

4.1 Key Stone Project

Correlation Processing Control Software (Tetsuro Kondo)

We named correlation processing control software "KATS" (KAnameishi (= keystone) data processing Togo (= unified) Software). KATS unifies the steps from correlation processing to just before the creation of database. It aims at realizing an easy operator interface. The function of KATS is summarized as follows:
(1) Set up of parameters passed to correlator
(2) Automatic clock search
(3) Dynamic clock offset correction
(4) Operatorless operation except for initial tape setting
(5) Automatic execution of band-width synsthesizing software
(6) Execution of database creation software
(7) Archive correlation data
Presently debugging of the whole correlation system is being carried out.

Figure 3. KSP correlation system

Figure 4. Coarse search function using KSP correlator out


Q: When the sampling frequency is 8 MHz, a 32 bit-lag window merely covers a range of 4 micro seconds. Is dynamic clock offset correction working well for such a narrow window?
A: At first, clock search is carried out on extended lag windows by connecting 16 unit correlators serially. Once fringes are detected, we think that change of clock offset is much less than 4 micro seconds for time interval between scans (= about several minitutes).

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