4. Technical Reports

4.2 Other IERS Related Technical Development Activities

Introduction and Outline of the Activities (Michito Imae)

Change on the organization at CRL for TDC
A new section named "Space Geodesy Section" was established at CRL Koganei Headquarters in July 1994. TDC is managed by three sections, Space and Time Measurements Section, Space Geodesy Section and Radio-astronomy Applications Section.

According to this change, the research field for each section is categorized as followings:

Space and time measurements section:
Precise measurement of time and frequency in the space and time project
Space geodesy section:
Precise measurement of space in the space and time project Research on SLR
Radio astronomy applications section:
Observation and analysis using 34m antenna system and technical development
Research and development activities at CRL's VLBI TDC

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