4. Technical Reports

4.2 Other IERS Related Technical Development Activities

Status Report of the CRL 34-m Antenna at Kashima (Hiroshi Takaba)

Antenna control system
Automatic antenna stow software was incorporated in the VLBI automatic observation software to protect the antenna from the strong winds. A maximum wind speed of 20m/s or a mean wind speed of 13m/s limit antenna operation.
The five axis sub-refrector controller is being replacing and will be available in April 1995.

Receiver system
 1.5 GHz   Receiving Syetem  Good 
 2/8 GHz   Receiving Syetem  Good 
 5/10 GHz  Receiving Syetem  Problem on the vacuum of the Dewar. 
                             not available 
 15/22 GHz Receiving Syetem  Good 
 43 GHz    Receiving Syetem  A new system using an SIS mixer was installed.
Backend syetem
A new VLBA data recorder was installed. The Mark-IIIa mode C is available using the VLBA data recorder. An automatic tape changer system (Digital Mass Strage DMS-24) became available. Up to 24 K-4 tapes are automatically changed and about one week's automatic observation become possible with the normal 64Mbps recording mode.


Q: How earthquake-proof is the performance?
A: The specifications state says seismic intensity 6 (about 400 Gal)

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