Status Report of the CRL 34m Antenna at Kashima

Hiroshi Takaba
Kashima Space Research Center
Communications Research Laboratory
893-1 Hirai, Kashima, Ibaraki 314, Japan

1. Antenna Control System

Antenna control unit (ACU) and receive band interchange computer will be replaced to new models in 1995.

2. Receiver System

 1.5 GHz   Receiving Syetem  Good 
 2/8 GHz   Receiving Syetem  Good 
 5/10 GHz  Receiving Syetem  Problem on the vacuum of the Dewar. 
                             not available 
 15/22 GHz Receiving Syetem  The receiver noise temperature 
                             of the 22 GHz system increases twice.
 43 GHz    Receiving Syetem  A new system using an SIS mixer was being

Updated on November 2, 1995.
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