GSI Activity

Takashi Saito
Geographical Survey Institute
Kitasato-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305, Japan


GSI participated in 11 international VLBI observations in FY1995. Kashima 26m-antenna, that has been used for international VLBI observation, had been fixed last year. GSI's transportable VLBI system (3.8m antenna and transportable container for observation) has been transported to Korea for Japan - Korea VLBI observation, under the cooperation with NGI ( National Geography Institute, Korea ). We conducted 24-hour observation 4 times, and got the baseline between Kashima-26m and Suwon site in Korea. Domestic VLBI observations for Kashima-Mizusawa and Kashima-Tsukuba baselines were conducted. New VLBI observation sites, Chichijima and Aira, are under construction. They will have a 10m-class telescope, S/X receiver and K-4 VLBI equipment. Another VLBI site with a 25m-30m class antenna will be established in GSI Headquarters' field at Tsukuba. These new facilities will be available in 1997 - 1998, and operated by GSI for geodesy and Earth sciences.


GPS permanent networks, that have two hundred GPS permanent sites, have been operated by GSI for more than one year. These network has detected crustal deformation concerned with some big earthquakes such as Hyogo-ken Nanbu EQ (Kobe EQ), Hokkaido Toho-oki EQ, Sanriku-Haruka-oki EQ. The network are added more than 400 sites in FY1995. Furthermore, two or three hundred sites are going to be established in FY1996. The data from this observation network will be available in the near future for researchers and surveyors who wish to use them.


A new department Geodetic Observation Center is established in this year. It operates the continuous observation networks; GPS, tide gauges, tiltmeters and extensometers.

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