Current Status of the Key Stone Project

Noriyuki Kurihara
Kashima Space Research Center
Communications Research Laboratory
893-1 Hirai, Kashima, Ibaraki 314, Japan

Development of the KSP, which monitors crustal deformation around the Tokyo metropolitan area with a space geodetic technique (VLBI, SLR and GPS), started in FY1993. Three of four VLBI stations, Kashima, Koganei and Miura, have been completed construction and have been carrying out daily observations. Last station (Tateyama) is just about ready to start observations. Four SLR stations also have been constructed by the end of FY 1995.

Kashima VLBI station

Miura VLBI station

Tateyama VLBI station

Kashima SLR station

Updated on July 9, 1995.
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