First Circular

Technical Workshop for APT and APSG 1996
- TWAA96 -

Kashima Space Research Center, Communications Research Laboratory
(Kashima, Japan)

10-13 December, 1996


Kashima Space Research Center of the Communications Research Laboratory will host an international workshop which will highlight technical issues related with Asia-Pacific Telescope (APT) and Asia-Pacific Space Geodynamics (APSG) Project from Tuesday, December 10 through Friday, December 13, 1996. In the 4th APT workshop held in Australia last year, it was agreed to hold general APT workshop every two years. Instead of expanding the workshop interval from original one year to two years, it was also agreed that technical work group members should be gathered in between the biennial general workshops and Japan was suggested as a venue of the first technical meeting of APT. It is our pleasure to be able to announce that the meeting will actually take place with a full support from Science and Technology Agency (STA) and Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center (JISTEC). Since there are many technical respects which are common for APT and VLBI part of APSG, we decided to make the meeting to a joint technical workshop for APT and APSG.


APT is a regional Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) network established by the Asia-Pacific countries for Radio Astronomical and Geodetic research. APSG was established recently to conduct Geodetic research of the Asia-Pacific region by utilizing Space Geodetic technologies such as VLBI, Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR), and Global Positioning System (GPS).

Who Should Attend the Meeting?

All scientists and engineers interested in or contributing for the APT and APSG are encouraged to participate in the workshop. We call for contributed papers as many as possible from both technical and scientific fields. Those who want to participate but has difficulties in getting travel funds should consult with the workshop secretariat.

Workshop Agenda (Preliminary)

  1. Developments and New Technologies in VLBI, SLR, and GPS. Compatibility issues of the VLBI data acquisition system will also be discussed.
  2. Status Report. Recent status of the APT and APSG projects, observation sites, and data processing centers (including VLBI correlator centers) will be reported.
  3. Collaboration of APT and APSG.
  4. Other Projects. Other projects such as VSOP and Antarctica VLBI experiments will be discussed.


Registration of the meeting will be free of charge. Please complete and return the registration form by October 15, 1996.

(International) +81-299-847159
(Domestic) 0299-84-7159
APT/APSG Workshop Secretariat
c/o Ms. Naomi Shinotsuka
Radio Astronomy Applications Section,
Kashima Space Research Center,
893-1, Hirai, Kashima, Ibaraki 314 JAPAN


Workshop proceedings will be published. All speakers in the workshop will be asked to submit a few pages of summary paper for the proceedings after the workshop.

Preliminary Workshop Schedule

December 9 (Mon.)
On-Site Registration
Guided tour inside the Kashima Space Research Center
December 10 (Tue.)
Status Report
Technology and Science Session
December 11 (Wed.)
Technology and Science Session
December 12 (Thu.)
Collaboration of APT and APSG
Other Projects
December 13 (Fri.)
Small Group Discussions
Excursion 1. (Geodesy)
Geographical Survey Institute
Excursion 2. (Astronomy)
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
and National Astronomical Observatory


Please indicate the number of people staying with you, arriving date, departing date, and special requests for accommodation in the registration form. We will arrange the accommodation for you. If your are not sure about your itinerary at the time of registration deadline, we will wait the accommodation arrangements until we receive your itinerary. We will inform you about the Hotel and accomodation fee when we booked the room.

Workshop Secretariat

Workshop Secretary :
Yukio Takahashi (takahashi(AT)
TEL : +81-299-847136 (International), 0299-847136 (Domestic)
Assistant Secretary :
Yasuhiro Koyama (koyama(AT)
TEL : +81-299-847143 (International), 0299-847143 (Domestic)
Mail Address :
Kashima Space Research Center
893-1 Hirai, Kashima, Ibaraki, 314 Japan
FAX : +81-299-847159 (International), 0299-847159 (Domestic)

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