Horizontal Movement of Marcus VLBI Station due to the Pacific Plate Motion

by Yasuhiro KOYAMA(1), Kosuke HEKI(1), Michito IMAE(1), Tetsuro KONDO(2), Hiroshi KUROIWA(3), Yuji SUGIMOTO(4), Fujinobu TAKAHASHI(4), Taizoh YOSHINO(4), Chihiro MIKI(4), and Jun AMAGAI(5)

Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Recent Crustal Movements (CRCM'93), published as a special issue of the J. Geodetic Soc. Jpn., (1993), pp.117-122

  1. Kashima Space Research Center, Communications Research Laboratory
    893-1 Hirai, Kashima, Ibaraki 314 JAPAN
  2. Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center, Communications Research Laboratory
    3601 Isozaki, Naka-Minato, Ibaraki 311-12 JAPAN
  3. Okinawa Radio Wave Observatory, Communications Research Laboratory
    829-3 Daigusukubaru, Kuba, Nakagusukuson, Nakagamigun, Okinawa 901-24 JAPAN
  4. Headquaters, Communications Research Laboratory
    4-2-1 Nukui-Kitamachi, Koganei, Tokyo 184 JAPAN


Current motion of the Minami-Torishima (Marcus) Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) station has been measured over the last five years of Western Pacific VLBI Network (WPVN) experiments. The results of 16 independent sessions indicated its steady motion of the station in the horizontal projection plane. The velocity was estimated as 80.5 mm/year toward N67.5W in the IERS Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF92). High reliability and quality of the data obtained from WPVN experiments was demonstrated by the result that the horizontal movement of the Marcus station is consistent with a constant velocity linear motion.

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