JGN2 Symposium 2007
Hiroshima 17-19, Jan. 2007

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Kashima 34m Westford 18m


The software tools for data transfer are developed by using class library of C++, which has originally written by David Lapsley. That library enabled quick development of these tools by us. We appreciate Chester Ruszczyk for strongly supporting this demonstration from Haystack Observatory. We thank to Michael Poirier, Allan Whitney, and people of MIT Haystack Observatory for operating the Westford radio telescope for this demonstration. The network for this e-VLBI demonstration has been supported by JGN2, Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN), Internet 2, and DRAGON project. We appreciate their contribution to this demonstration.
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Pictures and Poster of the Demonstration
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JGN2 Symposium e-VLBI Posters