NRO-ALMA science and antenna development workshop 2015

We hold the joint NRO-ALMA science and antenna development workshop 2015. Date:Jul 28 - 30, 2015 (* banquet on Jul 29) Venue: Nobeyama radio Observatory Language: We ask all slides to be prepared in English. English is preferred in the oral presentation, although Japanese is acceptable.


The main scope of this joint 3-day science/development workshop is to (1) share the latest science results from NRO and ALMA through a series of keynote/contributed talks by researchers in the respective fields, (2) summarize the future development plan of NRO and ALMA, and to (3) discuss the current ideas and technologies pertaining to antenna structure and their application to future radio telescopes.

Program Overview

Details of the program and lodging reservations etc. will be circulated in the next few weeks.
We note that the NRO Users Meeting, which is usually held during the summer season, will not be held in Nobeyama from this year and it will be merged with the users meeting of ALMA. This joint users meeting will be held later this year in Mitaka.
LOC: Masao Saito (NRO), Hiroyuki Kaneko (NRO), Daisuke Iono (Chile Observatory)
Inquiries: nroalma2015(at)