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Welcome to Field Speech and Mobile Data 2013

Advances of speech recognition technologies for mobile devices like smart phones has made “speech data” an integral part of mobile data management. More and more attentions from both academics and industries are paid to voice user interfaces (VUI), multilingual translation, audio-video transcription, and even speech-to-blogging for mobile devices. Hereafter, management of real-world “field” speech data will be crucial for searching, analyzing, sharing, and delivering them in mobile service networks. With special emphasis on management of real-world “field” speech data, a new ICT platform integrating speech communication and cyber-physical systems will be introduced. On this platform, we can expect novel applications harnessing mobile speech data management, such as knowledge discovery form speech log data, situation awareness in real-world human communication, hands-free interaction using head-mounted display with speech input augmented by linguistic and sensory data. In this workshop we aim to provide a venue for academic and industrial discussions on “cross-cutting” technologies and open problems on speech data management and their applications for mobile devices.