Big Data Integration Research Center

Big Data Integration Research CenterBig Data Integration Research Center


Real Space Information AnalyticsTowards Smart & Sutainable Society by linking "Watch", "Create", "Connect"

IoT has been spreading rapidly and an estimated one billion devices will be connected to networks in Japan by 2020. It is anticipated that using IoT data, new services will be created in fields such as environmental measures, health management, and industrial optimization. In our real-space information analytics technology research, we are developing data collection and analysis to effectively leverage real-space information obtained from the environment and societal life. We are also developing a data mining technology that will integrate advanced environmental data with social data to analyze their cross-domain associations. It will facilitate model case studies of environmental influences to social systems such as transportation. We are also conducting R&D on methods to feedback the analysis results to sensors and devices in real space, as well as R&D on sensor technologies to realize feedback efficiently and effectively. This will allow us to create, develop, and verify platform technology for implementing mechanisms for advanced situation recognition and behavior support, with the goal of optimizing social systems.