Database of Tissue Dielectric Properties for Electromagnetic Modeling of Human Body

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This site provides tissue dielectric properties for the advancement of scientific research on electromagnetic modeling of the human body. The information distributed on this site is based on measurement data collected by the Laboratory at frequencies from 1 MHz to 100 GHz and at around body temperature (30 oC–37 oC).

Data of Dielectric Measurements
This page contains measured data of tissue dielectric properties. CSV files of the measured data for each tissue can be downloaded here.
WEB Application Calculating Dielectric Properties
This page provides dielectric properties calculated using parametric models; see "Parametric Models of Tissue" for more information. You can download dielectric properties at selected frequencies.
Parametric Models of Tissue
This page provides the parametric models used to derive the dielectric properties. The parameters for each tissue are listed, and the list (CSV file) can be downloaded here.

For the use of data provided by this site, please clearly state that the data was provided by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) "Database of Tissue Dielectric Properties for Electromagnetic Modeling of Human Body".

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