What's IDI?

The Innovation Design Initiative (IDI) was established in April 2020 as a think tank under the direct control of the president, in order to contribute to the review of management and R&D policies at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).

IDI collects and analyzes information on ICT research and development, policies, and industry trends in Japan and overseas. Based on the results, IDI designs and proposes ICT strategies for a mid-to-long term perspective.


As Japan's only public research institution specializing in the field of ICT, NICT is engaged in support cutting-edge R&D in ICT.
On this website we have published our whitepapers on the direction of NICT's R&D activities in major areas.
We anticipate a wide range of readers, including governments, companies, universities and research institutions.
We hope these whitepapers will help with understanding the importance of collaboration among various stakeholders in Japan and overseas, as well as the importance of R&D and other initiatives.

Beyond 5G/6G Whitepaper

Countries around the world are gearing up for R&D on Beyond 5G/6G, the next-generation information and communications infrastructure that is expected to be the foundation of all industries and societies in the 2030s. For the sake of international competitiveness, it is important for Japan to establish Beyond 5G/6G’s component technologies as soon as possible.
In order to accelerate future Beyond 5G/6G R&D in collaboration with research institutes in Japan and overseas, and for achieving Beyond5G/6G by the anticipated 2030, this whitepaper summarizes societies and use cases that are expected to be realized by the development of each technology, the component technologies and R&D roadmaps necessary to create them, and the direction of the Institute's efforts.

Beyond5G/6G Whitepaper

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Quantum Networks Whitepaper

Currently, efforts are underway in Japan and overseas for quantum cryptography and quantum networks (the ultimate goal is the "Quantum Internet"). In January 2020, the Japanese government announced the "Quantum Technology Innovation Strategy." As a "quantum security hub" in this strategy, NICT has been promoting cutting-edge R&D on quantum networks. In addition, we have begun activities to create centers for industry-academia-government cooperation and human resource development.
This whitepaper looks at the "Quantum Internet" as the ultimate goal, and summarizes the domestic and overseas trends in quantum communications, the societies and use cases which quantum networks will create, and the R&D, roadmap and promotion strategies that NICT will be implementing with aim of realizing quantum networks.

Quantum Networks Whitepaper