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 July 4th, 2007

News - The EDR Electronic Dictionary is renewed.

 On July 31st, 2007, The EDR Electronic Dictionary is renewed.

 The acceptance of the offer to purchase is begun on July 17th.
Please send Application for the EDR dictionary after July 17th if you are going to order the EDR dictionary.
 Renewed dictionary will be shipped beginning July 31st. For some reasons shipping date might be delay.

 Major improvements from the last version are

Japanese Word Dictionary
Concept Dictionary
Co-occurrence Dictionary (Japanese Corpus)
English Word Dictionary
Detailed update information will be provided on this page in the middle of July.
    For more information, please contact:

    • E-Mail

    • Address
      Japan System Applications Co., Ltd. EDR. Suzuki bldg. 3rd Floor. 2 - 55 - 2 Toshima-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
      FAX 03 - 5951 - 3966

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