Development of electron beam ion source for
nanoprocess using highly charged ions

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Makoto Sakuraia , Fumiharu Nakajimaa , Takunori Fukumotoa , Nobuyuki Nakamura b ,
Shunsuke Ohtani b , Shinro Mashiko c , Hiroyuki Sakaued

a Department of Physics, Kobe University
b Institute for Laser Science, University of Electro-Communications
c National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
d National Institute for Fusion Science
@Highly charged ion is useful to produce nanostructure on various materials, and is key tool to realize single ion implantation technique. On such demands for the application to nanotechnology, we have designed an electron beam ion source. The design stresses on the volume of drift tubes where highly charged ions are confined and the efficiency of ion extraction from the drift tube through collector electrode in order to obtain intense ion beam as much as possible. The ion source uses a discrete superconducting magnet cooled by a closed-cycle refrigerator in order to reduce the running costs and to simplify the operating procedures. The electrodes of electron gun, drift tubes, collector are enclosed in ultrahigh vacuum tube that is inserted into bore of the magnet system.