With the advances in automotive electrical systems and electronics, initiatives to increase information security will gain importance in the future.

Although projects relating to automotive security are beginning to take off in Japan, the US, and Europe, the participation in automotive security-related research by experts in cryptography and network security is not always easy as there is little public information available and knowledge of both hardware and software is required.

The main goal of this workshop is to share the security issues in automotive and ITS systems and to establish a foundation of research which is urgently required.

The workshop consists of lectures by invited speakers.


Asia Workshop on Security, Privacy and Dependability for CyberVehicle (AsiaCyCAR2014)

15:00--15:05 Opening Remark

Kazumasa Taira (NICT)

15:05--16:25 Invited Talk I
Chair: Shiho Moriai (NICT)
  1. Tsutomu Matsumoto (Yokohama National Univ.)
    How to Eliminate Unauthorized CAN Transmission
  2. Camille Vuillaume (ETAS-PSC/ECY)
    Automotive Security Initiatives in Europe
16:25--16:40 Coffee Break
16:40--18:00 Invited Talk II
Chair: Ryo Nojima (NICT)
  1. Dennis-Kengo Oka (ETAS-PSC/ECY)
    The Trust Assurance Level (TAL) Concept - Towards a Common Security Evaluation Standard for V2X Senders
  2. Mitsuru Matsui (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
    Minimalism of Cryptography on Embedded Devices

Workshop organizers

Ryo Nojima (NICT, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)

Shiho Moriai (NICT, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)


e-mail: asiacycar2014@ml.nict.go.jp