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S-band 2.4mAntenna RCE RF Direct-Processing Prototype Board Multi Feeder Link Unit
Space Communication Systems Laboratory

Last Update: 29 Sep, 2016


Recently, one of the most important issues in satellite communication has been the development of a seamless and transparent terrestrial communication infrastructure. Furthermore, frequent experiments are needed to advance satellite communication technologies for use in space. On the other hand, there has been a steady increase in the number of launch opportunities for small satellites, including auxiliary or piggyback-style launching according to the maturity of the launching service. The Multi Feeder Link Unit was established not only to research basic technologies for advanced satellite telecommunication systems but also to demonstrate such technologies in a timely manner using small satellites. The results of such demonstrations will then be applied to full-sized satellite communication projects.

Image of Inter-satellite Communication

Reconfigurable Communication Satellite System

Disaster Monitoring System using the Near Real-Time Small Satellite Constellation, e.g., UK-DMC

Satellite Diversity for Rain Attenuation Compensation of Millimeter Wave Satellite Communication System

A Study of Optical and Millimeter Wave Multi Feeder Link Earth Station

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