The Space VLBI Project using ETS-VI

Takahiro IWATA

Space VLBI experiment is scheduled using ETS-VI geostationary satellite. Japan's Engincering Test Satellite VI which will be launched in 1993. Fig.1 shows the schematic block diagram of the experiments. VLBI observations on the satellite will be made with the 19-element of 34 cm diameter phased array antenna at 2.3 GHz. Received data at the satellite and frequency standard signals at the ground station will be transmitted between the satellite and the 5 m diameter antenna of the Ka-band feeder link system at Kashima Space Research Center. Experiments for the real time fringe monitoring system will be made using the imitated radio star signals which will be emitted from the S-band imitated satellite station at Kashima Center. These experiments with technologies of data and frequency standard signal transmissions will take the initiative in future space VLBI observations.

Figure 1. A schematic block diagram of the space VLBI experiments using ETS-VI.

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