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April, 1995


In October 1990, the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS) designated the Communications Research Laboratory (CRL) and Haystack Observatory, USA, as the Technical Development Centers (TDC). These centers are supposed to do
1) the development of new observation techniques and new systems for advanced Earth's rotation observations by VLBI and other space techniques,
2) the promotion of research in Earth rotation by advanced methods in VLBI,
3) the distribution of new VLBI technology.
The TDC meeting, attended by the ordinary members from inside the CRL and the special members from the outside, is held twice a year. The special members advise the committee, concerning the plan of technical developments. The TDC newsletter is published biannually by CRL to inform the IERS community its current activities.
This news was edited by Tetsuro Kondo, Kashima Space Research Center, who is the current representative of TDC. The editer wishes to thank Dr.O.J.Sovers for his kind help in the correction of the news translated from Japanese to English.

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