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The 17th IVS NICT Technology Development Center Symposium

 As an activity of Technology Development Center of IVS (International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry), NICT has been organizing annual symposium focused on Technology development related with space geodetic techniques. Proceedings of the symposium have been published as IVS NICT-TDC News (https://www2.nict.go.jp/sts/stmg/ivstdc/news-index.html) and delivered to domestic and international institutes and individuals working on VLBI and space geodesy.

One of the recent research subject of technology development in VLBI and in radio astronomy is broadband observation. NICT is conducting a new broadband observation technique named GALA-V for a target of distant frequency comparison. This broadband observation system is intended to be compatible with the next generation geodetic VLBI system VGOS. The subject of symposium is not limited only VLBI, but also single dish observation technique for radio astronomy, space geodetic technique and research result including GNSS, SLR and, local tie observations. We welcome contributions from broad field of view in these research subject.

Date and time

Date of Symposium: 27 June, 2019
Time: 10:00 -- 17:00 JST.
Venue: NICT Kashima Space Technology Center, Main Building
893-1 Hirai, Kashima Ibaraki, 314-8501, Japan

Deadline of abstract submission: 7th June, 2019.
Registration Fee: Free

Abstract Submission:

Please fill the following items and send it to LOC (Sekido & Shinotsuka) by E-mail

Subject: 17th IVS NICT TDC-Symposium
*Name (Family name, Given Name):
*Presentation Style: Oral or Poster
*Conference Dinner Participation (cost will be around 2000 Yen): Yes or No
*Lunch Order(cost 450 yen): Yes or No : Meat or fish lunch box
*In case of requesting stay at Guest room: Date of stay

Please note: Since number of guest rooms are limited (four rooms), assignment will be a higher priority to student participant. Please remind that your request may not be accepted just in case, if the rooms have been sold out. Your understanding is appreciated.

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