Welcome to the homepage of the Asia Pacific Workshop on Time and Frequency (ATF)

The first meeting of Asia Pacific Workshop on Time and Frequency (ATF) was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2000 and since then it has been regularly held to provide a forum among National Metrology Institutes of Asia-Pacific Metrology Program (APMP) plus wider research community in the world to exchange technical information.

By recognizing the importance and indispensable value of the ATF, the Technical Committee of Time and Frequency (TCTF) of APMP decided to set up the Organizing Committee of ATF during its annual meeting in 2013 to ensure the regular holding of the ATF. The purpose of the ATF is to provide researchers opportunities to report state of the art research activities in the field of time and frequency metrology, and to promote mutual understanding among the community to stimulate cooperation/collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region.

Forthcoming Meetings

Information about ATF2017 will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Previous Meetings

ATF2000 : NICT (former CRL) Tokyo, Japan
ATF2002 : KRISS Daejeon, Korea
ATF2004 : NIM Beijing, China
ATF2006 : NPLI New Delhi, India
ATF2008 : KIM-LIPI Jakarta, Indonesia
ATF2010 : held as joint sessions of AP-RASC2010 in Toyama, Japan
ATF2013 : held as joint sessions of AP-RASC2013 in Taipei, Taiwan
2014 IEEE FCS meeting was held in Taipei, Taiwan under the technical co-sponsorship of ATF
ATF2015 : NIM (Changping Campus), Beijing, China
ATF2016 : held as joint sessions of AP-RASC2016 in Seoul, Korea
You can access to the program and presentations of ATF2016 from here.
ATF2017 : ATF2017 will be held as the TCTF satellite workshop during the 33rd APMP General Assembly and Related Activities in New Delhi, India