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   Standards of time and frequency are both important foundation of Information and Communications Technology. Since length is defined by time interval, references of spatial position, i.e. spatial reference frames, are also defined from precise measurements of time.

   NICT is taking part the important responsibility to determine standard value of frequency and to broadcast Japanese Standard Time covering all over the country. To achieve this responsibility and to improve the quality, reliability, and usability of these tasks, the Space-Time Standards Laboratory is performing research and developments to establish standards and reference of space and time as the fundamental basis for various fields of activities in science, engineering, and social activities, and to provide easy access to these foundations from wide range of communities.To carry out this concept, the laboratory is covering both fundamental research and developments of applied technologies related with space, time, and frequency.

Dr. Yuko Hanado

What's New.

2013.04 For their development of a standard time system with improved accuracy and reliability, following members were awarded The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Dr. Mizuhiko Hosokawa, Dr. Yuko Hanado, Mr. Kuniyasu Imamura, Dr. Motohiro Kumagai, and Dr. Hiroyuki Ito.
2013.02.07-08 NICT Workshop on the Optical Frequency Standars were held at NICT Headquarters form 7 Feb. to 8 Feb. 2013
2012.02.23 No. 11 IVS technology development center symposium were held in Kashima
2011.11-12 The Technical Committee for Time and Frequency (TCTF) of Asia Pacific Metrology Program (APMP) were held a technical workshop in Tokyo from Nov.30 to Dec.2
2011.05.23 Dr. Thomas Hobiger was given the The Tsuboi Prize of the Geodetic Society of Japan on May 23, 2011, for Precise Modeling of Radio Propagation for Space Geodesy.
2011.04.06 Dr. Thomas Hobiger was given the EGU G Division Outstanding Young Scientist Award on April 6, 2011, for outstanding contribution in improvement of accuracy in space geodetic techniques.