Recent years have seen remarkable progress in optical frequency standards. Atomic clocks with the most advanced technology are being developed at major institutions that handle physical standards in the world. It is very important for researchers who work on optical frequency standards and time-and-frequency standards to examine and consider how we utilize optical frequency standards and how we redefine the second in the future. NICT, as a national research institute that leads the research in time-and-frequency standards, has been developing the forefront of technology related to optical frequency standards that includes the technologies of frequency comparisons, time transfer and distribution of time. Under such circumstances, we will hold this international workshop on optical frequency standards in order to share knowledge of recent progress in optical frequency standards and to promote discussions on their future applications, especially on practical applications and implementation. I hope that this workshop will contribute to the progress in optical frequency standards.

Toshio Iguchi
Director General
Applied Electromagnetic Research Institute

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