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  1. Installation

    1. Installation Manual (2013/12/02)
  2. Observation

    1. Setup of the Device Driver's clock

      You should set the device driver's clock before recording the VSI-signal. In order to synchronize clock of the driver to the UT, vsi2000_time command is used. It can synchronize driver's clock to the time-code of the ADS1000's p-data, direct indicated epoch such as 'YYYY/DDD HH:MM:SS' or the local PC's clock as follows.
      • vsi2000_time --set='YYYY/DDD HH:MM:SS' #synchronize driver's clock to the indicated epoch.
      • vsi2000_time --ads1000 #synchronize driver's clock to the ADS1000's p-data.
      • vsi2000_time --now #synchronize driver's clock to the local PC's clock.
      • vsi2000_time --show=xx #display current driver's clock with xx second.
    2. Monitoring the VSI-Signal

      Before starting data recording, it contributes to the improvement in the success rate of the observation by confirming the contents of the VSI signal. In order to confirm the VSI signal, vsi2000_monitor command which are GUI base program can be used. Screen capture of the vsi2000_monitor is displayed below. You can get some information of the distribution of the sampled data, p-data, current epoch of device driver, driver's buffers and result of the TVG check routine. This command can be used with recording software at same time, if CPU performance is enough.

    3. Recording the VSI-Signal

      vsi2000_rec command is simple recording VSI-Data program that can be set recording start epoch, recording length and a part of the raw-file name. Full file-name is generated automatically. When you executed below command, you get raw-file which name is Station-01_2007001000000.raw in the /mnt/raid directory.
      • vsi2000_rec --epoch='2007/001 00:00:00' --length=30 --file=/mnt/raid/Station-01
  3. Correlation

    You need create schedule-file for gico3_corr, please see the document of the schedule-format in the document-page. However, some documents are still under constructing. if you work gico3_corr on your PC immediately, please see the example of use GICO3 programs.

For Correlation

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