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news World's First Application of Wi-SUN Radio Sensor Network to Fishery Industry, MOZUKU Seaweed Aquaculture

NICT has successfully applied the Wi-SUN radio sensor network to the MOZUKU seaweed aquaculture, which is considered as the world's first Wi-SUN application to the fishery industry. In this case, three buoys that equip battery driven low-energy Wi-SUN devices (two of them further equip the water-temperature and salinity ...  Full story

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Welcome to Smart Wireless Laboratory

Due to drastic increase of mobile communication devices, broadband wireless communication systems are becoming demanded. Furthermore, the scarcity of frequency spectrum results in the necessity to enhance the application of broadband communication systems.

Smart Wireless Laboratory is working on research and development on using: (1) unused frequency of Millimeter­wave and Tera­Hertz wave, (2) frequency for wide area communications such as the VHF band, which are not allocated for broadband communications purposes previously, and (3) unused frequency (white space) for particular purposes.
We are also conducting research and development on super long life devices with the latest frequency control technology, low consumption power and interference reduction techniques.

Pick Ups NICT Develops World's First IEEE802.11af-compatible Baseband IC for TV White-space Wireless LAN Systems

- Downsized device driven by USB power realized at low cost, 1/10 of level of previous gear -

NICT has successfully developed the world’s first baseband IC applicable to TV white-space wireless LAN (WLAN) systems. This prototype IC conforms to IEEE802.11af that is the international standard of the WLAN system in the TV white- ...
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Pick Ups NICT Successfully Develops IEEE P802.15.10 Compliant Wi-SUN Radio Devices for Non-IP Routing in Large Scale Networks

NICT has successfully developed IEEE P802.15.10 compliant Wi-SUN radio devices for non-IP routing in large scale networks. IEEE P802.15.10 is the ongoing project of the IEEE 802.15 working group on layer 2 routing over IEEE 802.15.4 based networks. ...  Full story

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