Research Manager

  • Masahiko Haruno

    Masahiko Haruno

    Professor of engineering.
    I am interested in the neuroinformatics of decision-making, especially making decisions and learning in social situations.
    Recently, it is decreasing, but during the free time, I travel around the world to see various social and people, and play tennis.
    If you are interested in the human, the society, the brain, the Internet, and the mathematics, would you like to study together?


  • Kazuma Mori

    Kazuma Mori

    I am conducting research on human emotions using psychology, neuroscience and information science techniques.
    Our group analyzes behaviors on SNS and natural language and examines brain activities behind them using fMRI, structural MRI, and diffusion-weighted MRI.
    I have also been studying studies on music and emotions since I was a graduate student.

  • Kazuki Enomoto

    Kazuki Enomoto

    I am studying the brain mechanisms of the brain related to social behavior and decision-making, which are common to primates such as humans and monkeys.
    I'm good at rowing a bicycle, taking a picture of stray cats, and communicating with Japanese monkeys.

  • Ryuhei Ueda

    Ryuhei Ueda

    My research topic is how a close romantic relationship is built and maintained in terms of cognitive science. I got my PhD in letters.
    I am trying to achieve mathematical modeling approaches here. My hobby is playing the guitar. Recently I started learning a keyboard instrument too.

  • Toshiko Tanaka

    Toshiko Tanaka

    The specialty when I am a student is molecular biology.
    Now I am trying to examine the brain infrastructure of human social behavior using fMRI.
    I like to do experiments with my hands even now.

Collaborative Researcher

  • Tsuyoshi Nihonsugi

    Tsuyoshi Nihonsugi

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Osaka University of Economics
    I conduct experimental research on human cooperative behavior and institutional design. Cooperation is an important foundation of society. We aim to understand the motivations of cooperation and neural mechanisms by using the methods of economics and neuroscience.

  • Takehiro Minamoto

    Takehiro Minamoto

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, Shimane University
    When I was an undergraduate, I was interested in the control mechanism of emotion and cognition, and since then, I have been working on the elucidation of the mechanism using the methods of psychological pharmacology and cognitive neuroscience. By studying computational neuroscience methods, I aim to identify neural networks that are highly accurate in emotional and cognitive control. My hobbies are playing classical guitar and juggling. Recently, I am also interested in home gardening.

  • Kyosuke Takami

    Kyosuke Takami

    Graduated from the Faculty of Education. I want to do research that connects brain science and education.
    The theme is "the brain science of bullying."
    I had been doing molecular biology research until recently, but I moved to CiNet New Leaf and started research using brain function imaging.
    I am aiming for "OMOROI” research

  • Noriya Watanabe

    Noriya Watanabe

    Assistant Professor, Research Center for Brain Communication, Kochi University of Technology
    I'm interested in studying how emotional or stress responses affect human brain dynamics and behavior by using physiological measurements (e.g. SCR, pupil response) and functional MRI.
    Hobby: Listening and playing jazz music, Photography, Wandering journey in foreign countries.


  • Shotaro Numano

    Shotaro Numano

    After learning biology and chemistry in the Department of Science, I am interested in the human social decision-making process from a computational perspective.
    For the time being, I would like to conduct research on model-based fMRI with human subjects.。
    CiNet is the best environment for a study where you can talk with a variety of staff. Wouldn't you like to study with us?

  • Skoullou・Lamprou Aglaia・Eleni

    Skoullou・Lamprou Aglaia・Eleni

    I’m a graduate student at the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University and I’ve been collaborating with Professor Haruno at CiNet from the previous year. Our current project involves the investigation of whole-brain dynamic change functional connectivity of resting state fMRI in relation to acute stress.
    Apart from research, even though I’d like to consider myself as a person with multiple interests undoubtedly the hobby that takes the greatest proportion of my spare time is dancing. Besides that, I like reading books, watching movies, exploring unknown territories etc

  • Hayato Murakami

    Hayato Murakami

    My research theme is "the association between affective disorder and antisocial behavior in psychopathy".
    I'm interested in mathematical modeling, prediction, and control of human decision making.
    In the future, I want to develop behavior prediction AI systems to help individual decision making and crime prevention.
    My hobby is reading, watching movies, drinking.

Technical Staff

  • Satoshi Tada

  • Koji Fuji

  • Michiko Hattori

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