Masaya Hirashima

Center for Information and Neural Networks

Def Muscle

About Research

The human musculoskeletal system consists of a number of muscles and joints. I investigate the mechanism of how our brain controls such a complex and redundant system; by means of psychophysical experiment, biomechanical analysis, and neural-network simulation that incorporate realistic mechanical properties of the musculoskeletal system. I aim to develop efficient motor learning protocols for the field of sports and rehabilitation that are based on the intrinsic nature of our nervous system.


Biomechanics, motor control, motor learning, adaptation, coordination, muscle, neuron, motor cortex, neural network, simulation, redundancy, optimization, motion capture, musculoskeletal model, joint, kinematics, kinetics, joint torque, reaction force, walking, sport, throwing


  • 2017/8/20 ホームページ開設
  • 2017/3/20-24 次世代筋骨格モデル「Def Muscle」をCeBIT 2017に出展
  • 2014/8/1 CiNetに着任