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ABE Yuma阿部 侑真Researcher
Space Communication Systems Laboratory
Wireless Networks Research Center
Network Research Institute

(At the time of theinterview)

Space Communications Laboratory
Wireless Networks Research Center

After graduating from the Department of Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, he moved on to the graduate school. In March 2017, he completed the master's program in the School of Fundamental Science and Technology at Keio University. In April 2017, he joined NICT. While working at NICT, he was enrolled in the doctoral program. In March 2020, he obtained his Ph.D in engineering. He is engaged in research and development on future space communication systems, including the Engineering Test Satellite No. 9 scheduled to launch within the next few years.

From cybersecurity to space weather—the definition I had for ICT expanded drastically as I came to know its wide range of research.

At university, I majored in system control and participated in a project to develop a small, simulated satellite, called "CanSat". I could not forget this joyful experience. This experience eventually led me to want to be involved in space development while contributing to the development of a system that would become a social infrastructure. About that time, I had an opportunity to talk with a NICT researcher. Learning from the researcher that NICT has an environment where I can realize what I want to do, I came to want to work there. Currently, I am attending a doctoral program at a graduate school. In fact, I decided to join NICT because they allowed me to do both the work at NICT and study for a Ph.D degree. What surprised me most when I joined NICT was their wide range of research themes. As I learned that NICT is engaged in a wide range of research from cyber security to space weather, not just communication, my image of ICT changed. The definition I had for ICT expanded drastically. As a national research institution, we can start a project from scratch and promote it in collaboration with other research institutions, companies, universities, national governments, and other external organizations. This is quite an attractive environment for researchers.

In cooperation with various organizations, we are promoting research and development on communication satellites scheduled to launch soon.

Currently, my main task is research and development on the Engineering Test Satellite No. 9 scheduled to launch within the next few years. While examining system configurations and conducting research on resource management algorithms, I often meet with people from collaborative organizations, such as JAXA, manufacturers, and universities, to discuss the formulation of specifications for satellite-mounted equipment and its control systems. Our current challenge is how to control the onboard equipment of communication satellites to provide a communication environment that can meet the communication requirements of users who are on airplanes, ships, and even in disasters. My major at university was system control. Accordingly, my major research theme is "modeling and control of satellite communication systems." Based on this theme, I conduct research aimed at solving the challenge stated above. I am grateful that I have been involved in research and development from the perspective of my specialty field. In my work, I have opportunities to present my research at exhibitions and other events and explain its content to the general public. On such an occasion, I try to explain difficult things in an easy-to-understand manner.

I want to work as an innovation producer who returns to society the results of a wide range of research and development.

It takes some time for my own research to bear fruit. Meanwhile, the research conducted at NICT will provide a shortcut to implementing the systems or methods that I propose. Every day I feel a rewarding sense of satisfaction in participating in a large-scale project named "Space Development x ICT." In the future, I would like to work as an innovation/business producer who returns to society the results of research and development in a wide range of fields, not limited to satellite communications, by promoting their implementation, while actively working with companies, universities, and overseas institutions. To that end, I would like to make the demonstration experiment that I am now involved in to succeed before anything else. Today, as the role of satellite communication systems is changing rapidly, it has become necessary to conduct research from a new perspective. Thus, I think that there is a place for even people like me who do not specialize in communication systems to play an active role. That is why I would like those of you who want to invent and design a new system from scratch by using your specialty to become interested in joining us. Also, I want many people to know that there is a career path where they can aim to obtain a Ph.D degree while working as a researcher.

My research results

I am looking forward to the satellite's launch which is an opportunity to demonstrate my ideas.

My research theme is the operation and control of the Engineering Test Satellite No. 9. So, the result will come out after its launch. I am looking forward to the demonstration experiment to be implemented on the satellite, which will provide the first opportunity to substantiate my ideas. Toward the demonstration experiment, I am currently working on the paper to discuss what can be done with the satellite and what becomes possible by launching many satellites into space in the future. Additionally, satellite-mounted equipment is now being manufactured. We steadily prepare for the success of the demonstration experiment.

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My free time

I often go to the theaters to see live performances of my favorite comedians or watch their DVDs. I enjoy reading books and drinking coffee, so I often go to a bookstore or cafe on weekends. I also like to travel in Japan and abroad and take photos during travels.




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