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Space Communications Laboratory


Many High Throughput Satellite (HTS) missions have been coming up from all over the world, such as Inmarsat-5, Viasat-3, O3b and so on, and the higher capacity is required and the broadband communications at Ka-band are considered in satellite communications. After 10 to 20 years later, the satellite communication is considered to be replaced from RF to laser satellite communications. In the laser satellite communications, it is needed to have the site diversity technology to mitigate the availability of the laser links.

Space Communications Laboratory is researching on RF and laser satellite communications and contributes to the realization of the space-ground integrated networks with the utilization of the future space big-data.

Current Projects

Satellite projects (currently operating)

  • - Very Small Optical TrAnsmitter (VSOTA) Project onboard a 50-kg-class Micro-Satellite

Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) Project

  • - Zipangu in the Ocean Program (Develop high-speed satellite communications technologies)

Satellite projects (in-orbit experiment was finished)


Morio Toyoshima, Ph.D.


【Headquarters】4-2-1 Nukui-Kitamachi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795, Japan  → Access 

【Kashima Space Technology Center】893-1 Hirai Kashima Ibaraki 314-8501, Japan  → Access 


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