Location of Wireless Networks Research Center

Wireless Networks Research Center is located in Yokosuka Research Park (YRP), surrounded by beautiful nature in the southeast of Miura Peninsula.

Wireless Systems Laboratory and Planning Office are based here.


Wireless Networks Research Center, NICT

3-4, Hikarino-Oka, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 239-0847, Japan

TEL:+81 46 847 5050

Request to Visitors

On your arrival to YRP Center No.1 Building, please drop by and register at our reception desk on the 2nd floor.

(Opening hours: 08:30 - 17:00 on weekday)

YRP Local Map

Kanto Regional Wide Map
Outlook of YRP Center No.1 Building
Outlook of YRP Center No.1 Building


Train Public Transportation

The nearest railway station is YRP Nobi station of Keikyu Line.

Please take a bus or a taxi from the station to YRP Center No.1 Building.

It is 5-10 minutes journey from the railway station to YRP.

Keikyu Train Line Map

Access from Major Stations and Airports
Transportation Map

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Travelling Time
From Haneda Airport Approx. 80 minutes
From Narita Airport Approx. 140 minutes
From Tokyo Station Approx. 75 minutes
From Shin-Yokohama Station Approx. 70 minutes
From Yokohama Station Approx. 45 minutes

*If you come from the direction of Tokyo or Yokohama, it is convenient to take a Limited Express train of Keikyu Line.

Access from YRP Nobi Station

From YRP Nobi Station to YRP Center No.1 Building, please take a bus or a taxi.

Bus Bus

Fixed-route buses by Keikyu Bus are running from YRP Nobi station to YRP during the day every 15-20 minutes (in case of weekday).

The nearest bus stop for YRP Center No.1 Building is Hikarinooka-Go-ban or Nifco.

Keikyu Bus Guide

Guide Map for Bus & Taxi Stand at YRP Nobi Station (PDF)

Access by bus
  1. Go to the bus platform 1 or 4.
  2. Take one of the following buses bound for;

    Platform No.1

    • YRP (Route 野4, 野5, 野6)
    • Tsushinkenkyujo (Route 野4)
    • Hikarinooka-Ni-ban (Route 野5, 野6)
    • Fujitsu-Nifco (Route 野8 / Evening service only)
    • Hikarinooka-Go-ban (Route 野9 / Evening service only)

    Platform No.4

    • Fujitsu-Nifco (Route 野8 / Morning service only)

    *As there are several routes running from the same platform, please make sure of the platform and the route number before boarding.

  3. Get off at "Hikarinooka-Go-ban" or "Nifco".
  4. It is a few minutes walk to YRP Center No.1 Building from the bus stop.

Access to YRP Center No.1 Bldg. from the nearest bus stops (PDF)

YRP Nobi Station Map
YRP Center No.1 Building Map

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Car Car

The nearest interchange (IC) is Sahara IC of Yokohama-Yokosuka Expressway.

Travelling time from the IC to YRP is approximately 5 minutes.

Public transportation is more recommended as the available parking lots are limited.

Access by car from Sahara IC
  1. Turn right at the intersection in front of the tollgate of Sahara IC, then drive along the road* for approximately 2 km.

    *Kanagawa Prefectural Road No.27 (Yokosuka-Hayama Line)

  2. Turn right at the intersection named "Yokosuka Research Park Entrance," and enter the tunnel*.

    *Hikarinooka Tunnel

  3. Drive along the road, then turn right at the 2nd corner (T junction) after coming out of the tunnel.
  4. Drive another 50m, then you will find YRP Center No.1 Building on your left.
Access map to NICT Wireless Networks Research Center

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Parking Guide
  1. Enter the parking lot located behind YRP Center No.1 Building.
  2. Park the car at the parking lot with a car stop indicating "通総研."
  3. Come to the NICT reception desk on the 2/F. of YRP Center No.1 Building and receive a parking permit.
  4. Display the permit near the front glass in the car.

    *Please be informed that parking vehicles without permits may be reported.

  5. Make sure you have returned the permit to the reception desk before your departure.

Parking Map (PDF)

Parking Map

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  1. Please let us know beforehand if you are planning to visit by a large vehicle such as a chartered bus.
  2. Parking at the undesignated slot is strictly prohibited.
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