What is K5/VSI System

K5/VSI system is one of the VLBI recording systems based on VSI-H specification which had been developed by NICT. The traditional correlation processing by special hardware is unnecessary, all processing are performed by the personal computer. The software correlation program called GICO3 have been prepared and many VLBI observation modes are supported.

Current Specification of the K5/VSI

Current Components of the K5/VSI System
VSI Capture BoardDIM2000-DIM (Digital-Link Corp.)
CPU Intel Xeon X5355 x 2
Mother BoardSuper Micro X7DBE
Raid Card High Point RR2340
Hard Disk SATA 500GB x 16
Memory FB-DIMM 667MHz 2GB x 2
OS CentOS 4.4 for x86-64

Supported Data Speed of the VSI-H Signal Sampling Data Alignments

K5/VSI system can record the signal [1024/2048Mbps] of the VSI-H specification as a regular file named raw-file on a disk array. Alignment of the VSI-H data-signal that can be processed by the GICO3 is shown in the raw-file alignment.


First package of the K5/VSI and the GICO3 are available download page. the K5/VSI supports the 64bit PC-AT compatible machine and the GICO3 supports 32/64bit PC-AT machines with multi-core processors.

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