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Travel information

Kashima Space Technology Center is located about 100km east from Tokyo. Nearest airport is Narita International Airport and the second nearest airport is Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport). Express bus services are available from both airports.

  • From Narita International Airport:
    Fee: 1,100 JPY, It takes about half an hour.
  • From Tokyo International Airport:
    Fee: 2,400 JPY, it takes about two hours.

If you are not familiar with these transportation or you wonder how to get to Kashima, please contact us without hesitation, even in prior to your decision of participation. We are peased to welcome you to Kashima!! Email:Mail address


Kashima Central Hotel

We are keeping some amount of rooms at this hotel. Hotel fee for one night (24th April) will be 8800-11500 JPY. We are going to organize a bus for transportation between this hotel and KSTC for the Symposium on 24th and for the Ceremony on 25th April. Please contact us for hotel reservation before 25th March, because the blocked rooms have to be released at the end of March.

Other Hotels

There are some distances between hotels and KSTC, transportation by car or taxi will be necessary. Plese contact us (mail address) if you need assistance.

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