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First of all, I would like to thank all of the attendees for their contribution and collaboration on this series of conferences on quantum communication, measurement and computing (QCM&C).
I believe that QCM&C has provided an important occasion to discuss the scientific and technological results on quantum communications and related topics for researchers in very different fields. This year (2006) marks the 20th year since the first of these conferences was held. The first and second small conferences were held in 1986, 1988 in Japan. The first actual international conference as QCM&C (it was called the quantum aspect of optical communication) was held in 1990 in Paris. In view of such a situation, I would like to organize the 20th anniversary conference on quantum communications in the Tokyo area. In this conference, I hope that the achievements made in quantum communications will be summarized, and the future of quantum communications discussed.
Here, the organizing committee and I would like to invite you to attend our conference, and cordially ask for your contributions to our main subjects.
Finally, I would like to thank Professor J.H. Shapiro (Co-chairman), the members of the organizing committee, the program committee and advisory & award committee for their kindness and collaboration.
Osamu Hirota
Chairman of the organizing committee