Organizational Structure

Wireless Networks Research Center consists of 3 laboratories to carry out researches and Planning Office to support their research activities. They are located either in Koganei city (NICT Headquarters), Yokosuka city (YRP), and Kashima city (NICT Kashima Space Technology Center).

Organizational Chart

Wireless Systems Laboratory

The Wireless Systems Laboratory mainly conducts R&D of elemental technologies and system architectures for terrestrial wireless networks, aiming at efficient use of frequencies as well as implementation of safe and secure wireless communications.

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Space Communications Laboratory

Space Communicaitons Laboratory is researching on RF and laser satellite communications and contributes to the realization of the space-ground integrated networks with the utilization of the future space big-data.

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Planning Office

As support services, including research facility maintenance and management, for ensuring smooth research activities, we partner with research institutions around the world to conduct PR and external relations.