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Wireless Systems Laboratory


The Wireless Systems Laboratory mainly conducts R&D of elemental technologies and system architectures for terrestrial wireless networks, aiming at efficient use of frequencies as well as implementation of safe and secure wireless communications.


Wireless network management technology (Expansion of existing systems)

In order to contribute to the 5th generation mobile communication system(5G,) we carry out R&D on spectrum sharing and traffic dispersion/management technologies. Linkage to the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS,) radio systems for public safety, and application of high-speed communication technologies using millimeter/terahertz-wave are also under discussion.

Wireless network management technology image
Wireless network customization technology (Creation of new systems)

In this project, we study on wireless network customization technologies which enable terminals to function adaptively according to its circumstance by identifying the application environment and the scale of network (such as the number of terminals and the communication range) in order to build IoT or bigdata, in which secure data collection is indispensable.

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Wireless network technologies with enhanced reliability (Expansion of communication environment)

In order to expand application fields of wireless networks, we carry out R&D on radio communications technologies with reliability or availability even in severe situations like after a disaster or delay-sensitive applications. Also, radio communications under seawater or for implantable devices are under discussion.

Wireless network technologies with enhanced reliability image Wireless network technologies with enhanced reliability image


Fumihide Kojima, Ph.D.


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