Terahertz Technology Research Cente

Terahertz Technology Research Center (TTRC) at a Glance

The terahertz band corresponds to electromagnetic waves at frequencies ranging from roughly 100 GHz to 10 THz (3 mm to 30 μm in wavelength), which lies between so-called radio waves and light waves. Electromagnetic waves in this region have so far been difficult to generate and detect. As a result, the terahertz band remained unused and unexplored. The Terahertz Technology Research Center has concentrated NICT’s diverse activity in R&D ranging from materials to systemization and has driven forward with the research and development of cutting-edge measurement technology to support the realization of terahertz wireless communication systems. In addition, by working with organizations such as the Terahertz Systems Consortium, we will promote joint studies with industry and academia and contribute standardization aimed at improving the environment so that the terahertz band can be used effectively (Fig.1).

Fig.1: Overview of Terahertz Technology Research Center


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